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The Department of Mathematics at Egerton University, Njoro Campus, is composed of three main branches of Mathematics namely: Applied Maths, Pure Maths and Statistics.  The department has over 23 academic staff, One secretary, Three Clerical staff, Four Ph.D research students and eleven M.Sc. students.  The department is one of the busiest departments in the University, teaching over 4,000 undergraduate students in a year and graduating not less than 3 postgraduate students per year!Mathematics is a living and growing subject in which new results are continually being discovered, theorems proved, examples constructed and whole new theories developed.  Even in the "purest" areas of Mathematics, the most vital research topics are often those that stem from real-life scientific problems.  We also solve real problems using mathematical techniques.

Conversely, it frequently happens that progress in Mathematics research, even when undertaken without regard to possible applications, eventually turns out to have relevance to other parts of science.  Students who have enjoyed and excelled in Mathematics at the undergraduate level will find an additional excitement on reaching the frontiers of the subject and becoming involved with areas of current research.

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